Art Shop

My online store is changing! Rather than having items up 24/7, 365 days a year, I am going to be opening my store at set times a year. 
The store is currently closed, but if you follow me on Twitter you’ll be able to see when exactly I’ll be open!


Why are you only open a few times a year?

I found that by being open 24/7, I had to have stock in constantly and this produced a lot of stress and anxiety for me as I had to work out how much stock to order in, and then make several trips to the post office which is very inconvienent and quite emotionally taxing. By reducing the amount of time my shop is open, it means I can focus on making designs that will be loved by many people, order in the stock I actually need, and ship it all in one go.
So you won’t be shipping in 1-2 days of my order?
That’s correct – this is to dramatically reduce the amount of stress I’d be otherwise under! I’m only an individual, and while my partner helps while he can, he has a full time job and a small child to support so can’t always come to the post office with me. By doing batch trips to the post office, it means I’ll be able to spend more time focussing on actually making art instead of worrying about deliveries.
What about near Christmas, or if I need a gift especially for a loved ones birthday?
For Christmas, I’ll be doing a set Christmas opening time during November, which will be specifically for Christmas items such as cards, prints, and stickers. If you want more ideas for giftware, I’d recommend checking out my Redbubble store as they stock items 365 days a year!
I am also available for commissions, so if you want to pick up something special for a set deadline you can get in touch and we can arrange something, be it print, merch, or something else.
How can I find out when you open?
The best thing to do is to follow me on social media! You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram 🙂