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The Bone Princess Written and illustrated by Sarah Bates

A dark fairytale about a princess who watches over a graveyard. It’s a story about grief, death, and remembering those who have passed on.

I wrote this during a difficult period of my life and it helped me come to terms with my brothers death. I’ve also received some wonderful feedback from people who said it also helped them with their own experiences of grief.

Not a happy story, but an important one.

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Llamas in Pajamas Written and illustrated by Sarah Bates

Llamas in Pajamas is a very silly comic about the day to day adventures and daydreams of a llama. Llamas in Pajamas is one of my more well known comics. If you want a better idea of how ridiculous my sense of humour is, Llamas in Pajamas is the place to go.

The Llamas in Pajamas book was created in 2017 and contains over 100 comic strips, as well as a few book-exclusive strips!

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Love You Lots Like Polkadots – Written and illustrated by Sarah Bates

I wrote a short and silly poem for my partner, and it was so cute I turned it into a 36 page, fully illustrated children’s book. This was my first ever Children’s Book and had an exclusive print run via Kickstarter, which funded in less than 12 hours.

It contains bright, colourful illustrations and is a wonderful treat to read to your young children. I’ve had multiple parents tell me how reading this book to their child has created a bonding experience and now they tell each other “Love You Lots Like Big Robots” or “Flower Pots” or more. Can’t get better feedback than that!

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Love Letters to No One in Particular Written and illustrated by Sarah Bates

A short collection of poems, written during my early twenties. Poems about heartbreak, loneliness, and the pain of abusive relationships. It also talks about first kisses, fantasies, and healing.

This was my first ever self published book, and a handful of the poems from the book are featured on my blog, so if you would like to read a few of them for free, go ahead!

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