Supporting my Art

Thank you for your interest in supporting my art! There is absolutely no obligation at all to support my art, these options are just there for anyone who wants to. You’re more than welcome to be a fan of my art without ever giving me a penny, or even sharing a single thing I make, but there have been some people who want to throw some money in the hat, and help support me and my artistic dreams.

Supporting Me For Free!

As an independant artist, I thrive off word of mouth, social media shares, and exposure from other people. You’re able to support me, completely for free, by simply sharing my art (while crediting me) on social media, as well as following me there as well. My social media handles can be found on the bottom of this page so if you haven’t already, go check me out! You can also recommend me to anyone looking for an illustrator, or just be a cheerleader for me to encourage me when you see me online!

Purchasing merchandise

For people with some cash to spare, most common one way of supporting me is buying some merchandise. I have a range of items from art prints to books that would look fantastic on your walls or in your bookshelf.

If you’ve been on this site for a minute, you might have noticed I have a Print Shop where you can buy my artwork as high quality prints directly from me. There’s also my online book store where you can get all of my books (they’re also available via amazon).

I also license my illustrations via Redbubble where you can buy my designs on a variety of apparel, accessories, and more.

One Time Donations

The third way is by making a one time donation, either through PayPal or through a site called Ko-Fi. These methods are 100% donation based, there are no rewards, but it is a great way to make a one time donation without committing to anything. People chose this method if they feel they want to give back to my art, or as a way to say thank you. Think of this as the online tip jar, where you can just throw some coins in the hat 🙂

Becoming a Subscriber

If you want to support me on a regular basis, and get awesome rewards in the process, a great way of doing so is by supporting me on Patreon. Patreon is a subscription service where you can “pledge” an amount of money a month, from as little as £1, and get cool rewards such as early bird previews to my comics, and at higher tiers, monthly art through the post.

I also regularly stream on Twitch, and you can become a Twitch subscriber which gets you some neat bonuses. If you use Twitch, or enjoy watching people draw in real time, come and check me out on Twitch!