The Net Tightens – an original song

I’m proud and excited and nervous to share with you my first recorded single, The Net Tightens. It’s a song about remembering friends and loved ones that have passed away. I wrote recently about the passing of my friend Riley, who was a friend within the Amanda Palmer community. There is an unofficial group that started out as an Amanda Palmer fangroup on Facebook that has grown into a 4,000 strong family of creatives and wonderful people. “The Net Tightens” references many of Amanda Palmer’s songs, and the title is a reference to a quote in her book, where whenever tragedy strikes in the community, people get closer together, and we catch each other, like a net tightening in solidarity. 

This song was written after we lost a member of our family, Riley Fuxley. Riley was an incredible person, full of love, who released their own music under the name Android Girlfriend. They took their own life on the 29th June 2019 and our community fell into grief once again. 

Because of the nature of this song, all proceeds from download sales will be donated to The Trevor Project -a project dedicated to supporting LGBTQIA+ youth, a project Riley supported. 

Enormous thanks to Bill Bates (my dad!) for the help in recording this, as well as providing the electric guitar. Couldn’t have done it without you! 

More information about The Trevor Project can be found on their website:


We hold three fingers up and smile 
We’ve never met but we’ve all fallen in love 
Our family’s bleeding 
We’re wounded, crying 

And the net 

We are the ampersands, united 
We are the media, inspired 
We’ve lost another 
Our sins are shattered 

And the net 

But the noose, it keeps closing in 
And the drugs don’t help forever 
Though the net is tight they still fall through the cracks 
And we all fall down 

We raise our salute 
We start to sing 
And the net 

And the net 

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