Small Press Day

Because I am smart, I completely missed the fact that it was Small Press Day on Friday. As a small, independent creator that publishes their own work without the use of an agency or anything, I should probably be better at keeping track of things like that, but considering I was in Amsterdam for most of last week, and have been recovering from burn out the following days since, I think I can let myself off the hook a little bit.

But! Small Press Day!

Did you know I have four self published books that you can buy?

Did you know I publish all my webcomics for free, that you can go read now, without paying me anything?

Did you know that you are awesome? This isn’t relevant to Small Press Day, but shh.

I love indie creators, and I love BEING an indie creator, so naturally I love Small Press Day and am frustrated that I missed it completely because of brain weasels. Darn brain weasels.



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