I went to Amsterdam.

It was good.

There was going to be a more concise blog about this topic but my brain forgot everything I was going to say the moment I opened the browser, so instead have a photo of me and my cousins, proving that we did in fact go to Amsterdam.

When I told people I was going to Amsterdam, the majority of people asked me to have a smoke for them, or a drink for them, or gave me advice on the best places to buy weed. I’m probably the most boring person who’s ever gone to Amsterdam, because I rarely drink, I’ve never done drugs in my life, don’t like the smell of weed, don’t like being anything other than sober. In case you’re wondering, it’s possible to go to Amsterdam and stay completely sober the entire time and still have fun.

Okay I had ONE drink, but I felt like I couldn’t go to Amsterdam and not drink anything

I think the most jarring experience about the city was walking down the road and seeing shops that just advertised the drugs they sold. Coming from a small town in England where the only way to buy non-medicinal drugs was to do it secretly (and where the stereotype was doing it in seedy back alleys) it was funny to walk down streets and just see “Magic Truffles sold here!” among other things. I’m a super left wing hippie type who has strong opinions about drug legalisation (let’s just say you don’t have to partake to know that criminalising drug users is a Bad Thing) but it still kind of took me by surprise (surprise is the wrong word, but you get my drift) to see so many shops where you could just buy space cakes and lollipops.

Definitely planning on coming back again one day, and who knows, maybe I’ll be brave enough to actually try a space cake next time 😛


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