Death. Again.

A friend of mine passed away today.

Riley was a wonderful friend, and amazing musician. They had their first gig lined up for next month, and had created their first album last year with the help of a Kickstarter campain.

I can’t quite believe they’ve gone.

I made this portrait of them I guess to process my own feelings about it, but also just… I wanted to pay tribute to them in some way. They inspired me in many different ways and their passing was a genuine shock.

The thing is… I never actually met Riley in person. We met through a Facebook group. They lived in the US. We talked frequently through messaging apps. We supported each other on Patreon. Someone said to me “So you didn’t actually know them?” as if that somehow lessens the blow. As if somehow, because I hadn’t met them in person, I shouldn’t be so effected by their passing.

Just because I haven’t met someone in person, doesn’t mean I don’t know them.

Just because I haven’t met someone in person, doesn’t mean I can’t care about them.

Internet friends are real friends.

Riley’s Music

Riley started recording their music in 2017 after a suicide attempt. They said it helped them feel more alive, like something of themselves was being left behind.

As such, I want to spread their music around as much as possible. I want people to listen to their music.

You can find it through bandcamp or by searching for Android Girlfriend on Spotify.

RIP beautiful soul. I miss you already.

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