A brand new site, a brand new look

It’s not very often you say you get to shave your head for the first time, but I got to say it last week when I took the trimmers and got rid of my shoulder length blue hair.

On reflection, I probably should have gone to a hairdressers, or got someone more experienced than my partner, to get it done but I knew I’d chicken out if I waited too long. I wanted my hair gone, I had trimmers, and I am an impulsive potato. I also messed up and trimmed it about a centimetre (which is quite a lot, when it’s already this short) shorter than I meant to, but actually?

I absolutely love it.

Like, oh my GOSH. Not only because it’s so much easier to maintain now (it takes about two minutes to dry after waiting) but it feels like… me. It feels like this is who I’m supposed to be. This is how I’m supposed to look. I don’t think I’ve ever, in my entire life, been this happy with the way I look. Never been this confident.

Since I did it last week, I’ve been on a complete rebranding spree throughout all of my social media platforms, because I felt like I needed a dramatic change, I needed my online presence to match my in real life presence, I needed my business to reflect my own self, I needed my ART to reflect my newfound confidence. I’ve had this site – SarahBatesIllustration.com for a few years but I decided to move everything over to this site instead of the old one, this is the new home of ALL OF THE THINGS that I make, and to be honest the website looks and feels much more fluid and professional and feels like home.

This is a super rambly blog post but I wanted to share my absolute excitement and happiness with the way I look right now, shaving my head has legit been the best thing I’ve ever done for my self image, and I’m definitely gonna be keeping it short for the forseeable future 😀

Now excuse me while I show off my look with some selfie spam (with added Patrick for good measure):

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