Art in the Park 2018

I love Leamington.

I’m not alone, either. I didn’t mean it literally, but with a population of approximately 55,700 people, I also do mean it literally. But every year for the past five years now, the Art in the Park has been another reminder of how many amazing people live in this community and how many of those people are artists.

I’ve not been in the local art community much, I guess because I grew up on the internet and as such, most of my friends are internet friends, which has also increased my social anxiety a bunch. But Leamington (and Warwick) have been my home since forever, and I feel like I’ve lost a great big chunk of time not getting involved in the local art community. So, I headed to Art in the Park today, on a ridiculously hot day, to see an incredibly busy Jephsons Gardens where everyone was melting, and everyone was appreciating art.

I’m still painfully shy at introducing myself to new local artists, but I’m getting there, and am actually going to make a point of connecting with local artist peeps from here on out. Artists have gotta stick together, after all.

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