Illustration Portfolio Migration!

I’m constantly remodelling things over on this website and today marks the day when my illustration portfolio – which has been sitting quite comfortably on this website for a long time – has migrated over to its own website. This change has been a long time coming; I’ve always felt that my illustration portfolio felt a little out of place on this site – the home of my weird projects, videos, shop, etc and it felt too disjointed. People would turn up on my website expecting a portfolio and getting this weird mish-mash of things. To be fair, my weird mish-mash works for a lot of people, but if you’re looking for an illustrator specifically, you probably don’t care about my youtube videos or random nonsense, you just wanna see my illustrations straight away.

My portfolio can now be found at:

PS: This post needed an image so I’m using one of my favourite pieces from Inktober 2017. See all of my inktober illustrations (and buy a poster, if you want) over here.


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